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The initial homeopathic consultation lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to gather information about the presenting health complaint(s) and health history. The Homeopath will then ask relevant and detailed questions about appetite, sleep patterns, life style, sensitivities to the environment, personality and what makes the condition better or worse, for example. Establishing good health involves a thorough understanding of both mind and body so time is taken to listen to both emotional and physical problems. This information is completely confidential.

Based on this information, a remedy (or remedies) will be prescribed that is most similar to the individual to begin the process of stimulating and strengthening the healing response or immune system, which often addresses chronic complaints.

The remedies can come in small pellets that are tipped directly onto the tongue and should be allowed to dissolve in the mouth. Remedies can also be given in drops to be taken in water and can be repeated daily, weekly, or as needed for acute symptoms, depending on the case and individual response of the patient. Most children enjoy taking them. Remedies should be taken in a clean mouth. Food, beverages, sweets, other medication and toothpaste should be avoided for 15 minutes before and after taking the remedy.

Homeopathic remedies are compatible with conventional medication. It is recommended that patients maintain a relationship with their GP or specialist. Patients should always continue taking the medication prescribed by their GP and/or consultant. If patients are considering changing their medication, they need to contact whoever prescribed the medication originally.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled in 4-6 weeks and lasts approximately 30-40 minutes to assess the patient’s reaction to the treatment. How long does treatment take? This depends very much on what sort of complaint the patient has, as well as the other individual characteristics of the case. So it is not realistic for a homeopath to assess this until the patient's response to the prescribed remedies has been observed.

Most complaints however clear up rapidly; longstanding chronic conditions may take longer to improve although a sense of change may be experienced from the outset. Many patients will return once or twice a year to maintain the improvements or boost their overall immune response during cold and flu season.